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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Clean up your stash!

I did some cleaning up last weekend. I sorted out clothes I will not wear anymore, found some pieces I was not aware I still have and will wear them again, or at least give them a try and I also decided that I will not start sewing dessous. I tried this twice and failed. Since I don´t have problems to buy nice, good-fitting dessous I am definitely able to resist this addiction.
However, there are many ladies who are really addicted to sew wonderful dessous and I ordered some nice packages last year I want to sell them.
If you are interested you can find my offering here.

I want to sell the clothes I sorted out to a second hand store. They already informed me that they will only sell up-to-date labeled clothing...( Who sorts out up-to-date clothes ? Has this anything to do with 2nd hand ? ). Ok, we will see. I also managed to depart from some self-sewed items, I am really curious whether they will have a chance there.
Do you have any experiences with second hand sellings ?

I also finished the gilet from the Butterick pattern and another interesting shirt from Burda.
I will post pictures and a pattern review for both soon.

Tonight I want to cut out this pattern from Burda. I found a very nice structured black knit
fabric and I am going to make the second version. For collar, hip-part and cuffs I will use the fabrics´structure in a 90° turn as the body parts.
I think this will work out really nice.
I will keep you updated about the project...


Anonymous said...

Hallo vom Bodensee! Sehr schön hier - nun frage ich mich nur: warum alles auf Englisch????
viele Nähgrüße von Ellen

Katrin said...

Hallo Ellen!

toll, endlich mal eine Reaktion auf meine Anfrage...
Ja, zum einen, weil ich mich gerne im Alltagsenglisch verbessern möchte, zum anderen lese ich einige amerikanische und englische blogs und würde mich natürlich freuen, wenn diese mich auch besuchen kämen.

Ich hoffe, dass dies für den deutschen Teil meiner Leser kein allzu großes Problem ist....

Viele Grüße,